There can be no denying that transportation has long proven to be a challenge for those who are wheelchair-bound. Simply getting from home to doctors appointments and even just to the supermarket often requires planning well in advance. This could be due to the need to book an accessible taxi or the need to make sure that someone is home to help. Fortunately, however, the ever increasing range of vehicle adaptions available is making transportation for those who are wheelchair-bound easier than ever.

So, what is actually involved with making a van handicap accessible? 傷殘的士電召服務 There are actually a number of vehicle adaptions that are needed to ensure that a wheelchair-bound passenger can travel in absolute comfort.

• The floor needs to be lowered so that there is plenty of headroom for the passenger (if installing a ramp in your vehicle, this will also create the lowest possible angle).

• The ceiling needs to be raised so that the wheelchair-bound passenger is afforded the largest possible amount of headroom. This will also ensure that they can see out of the windows properly.

• The driver and front passenger seats are often modified so that they are removable. This vehicle adaption allows the wheelchair-bound passenger to sit in the front or even to drive with ease.

• The floor needs to be fitted with a tie-down system so that the wheelchair can be secured to the floor of the vehicle. This will prevent it from moving around during transportation.

• The side or rear door may be fitted with a lift. This vehicle adaption enables the wheelchair to be moved from the ground to the interior of the van, either with the passenger seated or not.

• The steering controls may be modified so that they can be operated by hand instead of with your feet. This allows the wheelchair-bound passenger to drive themselves around.

• The side or rear door may be fitted with a ramp. This adaption allows the wheelchair-bound passenger to push themselves into the vehicle (or a helper to do it for them).

When these vehicle adaptions are included in a van, the end result is a method of transport that makes getting a wheelchair-bound passenger from A to B far easier than ever before. If you or someone you know would benefit from a vehicle that has been fitted with one or more of the adaptions outlined above, you should contact a conversion company to ask for more information about where you should go from here.

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